Fondation Napoléon

The official website of the foundation Napoléon. Everything Napoléon can be found on this site from original historical documents at Napoleonica.org to the very latest


France has a great wealth of iconic archaeological sites. From prehistory to the early modern period.  The french were pioneers in archeology who first studied

Archives de Montréal

The Montréal archives document the history of the City of Montréal, the heart of French-speaking North America from the 16th century to the present day.


Considered by many to be the world’s greatest art museum, the Louvre captivates art lovers the world over. This former 12th century fortress housed the


Herodote.net has named itself after the ancient Greek historian Herodotus. This name fits like a glove for a website focused on history and social science.


If you are interested in General and Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, this website governs them all. Art, history, book reviews and the latest research on the


The evolution and history of prehistoric man fascinates us. The rich prehistory of France covers the Palaeolithic, the Neolithic through to the Iron Age. The