Collins English-French Dictionary

The Collins online English-French dictionary is an excellent resource for beginner students. Basic translations with example sentences are presented in a modern and clean web

Alliance Française

The Alliance Francaise was founded in Paris in 1883. The Alliance Française promotes the French language and culture around the world. They operate chapters in


Writing in a second language can be difficult. Writing in french is an important method for better understanding french grammar. Lang-8 allows language learners to


Correcting grammar and spelling errors in written french is easy with Scribens. One submits text on the website and errors are identified and color coded


Lingolia offers students online self-study grammar and vocabulary exercises. Clear grammar explanations are followed by examples and practice exercises. There is something for beginners, intermediate

Français avec Pierre

Many French students first discover French with Pierre on Youtube. Cool videos explain the most common pitfalls of the French language with a lot of

Bonjour de France

Learn french online with Bonjour de France.  This website offers content and tests for students preparing for CECRL levels A1 to C1.  Most of the


Audiobooks are an excellent method for language learners to improve listening comprehension and acquire new vocabulary. Simply search for french language audiobooks on Librivox. Audiobook

C’est facile!

French learners quickly realize that it is necessary for one to understand and use verb congugations correctly in order to communicate effectively. C’est facile! is

PONS Online Dictionary

PONS is a well regarded online dictionary and translator. Well presented comprehensive single word and short-phrase translations with audio. Grammar tips are offered with short