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Collins English-French Dictionary

The Collins online English-French dictionary is an excellent resource for beginner students. Basic translations with example sentences are presented in a modern and clean web

France Info

France Info is a collaborative public service news service initiated by France Télévisions, Radio France and France Médias Monde created in 1987. It provides links

Alliance Française

The Alliance Francaise was founded in Paris in 1883. The Alliance Française promotes the French language and culture around the world. They operate chapters in


Writing in a second language can be difficult. Writing in french is an important method for better understanding french grammar. Lang-8 allows language learners to


Correcting grammar and spelling errors in written french is easy with Scribens. One submits text on the website and errors are identified and color coded

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

The MMFA is situated in the heart of downtown Montréal. The museum’s exhibits include the fine arts, music, film, fashion and design. The MMFA is


Lingolia offers students online self-study grammar and vocabulary exercises. Clear grammar explanations are followed by examples and practice exercises. There is something for beginners, intermediate

Visit Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a landlocked country nestled between Germany, France and Belgium. Luxembourg was once part of the Roman Empire, the Austrian

Français avec Pierre

Many French students first discover French with Pierre on Youtube. Cool videos explain the most common pitfalls of the French language with a lot of

Cannes Film Festival

The French are among the most avid cinephiles in the world. France has a flourishing movie industry that produces almost 300 films per year. The