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20 minutes

20 Minutes is a daily newspaper in tabloid format distributed free of charge in France. It can be found online and android and apple applications

Académie Française

40 Immortals who reign over the grammar and spelling rules of the French language.

Africa Radio

Formerly known as Africa nº 1, Franco-African radio was created in Gabon in 1981. Since 2019, it has been known as Africa Radio with programming


France has a great wealth of iconic archaeological sites. From prehistory to the early modern period.  The french were pioneers in archeology who first studied

Archives de Montréal

The Montréal archives document the history of the City of Montréal, the heart of French-speaking North America from the 16th century to the present day.


Au jardin is a website is dedicated to gardening with monthly work calendars and advice on vegetable gardens, flower gardens, orchards and ponds. Take a


Le Bescherelle is the french grammar bible for many French immersion students. These small hardcover books are valued as a reference for the conjugation of


Surely, it’s better to laugh than cry. Jokes and humour are an excellent way to learn french. BlaBlagues.net is a website with several categories of

Bonjour de France

Learn french online with Bonjour de France.  This website offers content and tests for students preparing for CECRL levels A1 to C1.  Most of the

Bonjour Quebec

The official tourist site of the province of Quebec. La Belle Province offers a mélange of European, indigenous and north American culture. From cosmopolitan Montreal